Wish lists

To create a wish list or add a book to your wish list, click the title to go to the book's detail page, then click the "Add to wish list" button.

To manage or email your wish list, click "My account", then "Manage Wish list".



To find a wish list, click here.


A few other things:

* If you purchase a book from your friend's wish list page (find their list, then click "Add to cart"), that book will be removed from his/her wish list (or the quantity will be reduced).

* Kobo eBooks can't be added to a wish list.

* Only one wish list may be created per user.

* When you search for a book, you won't see an "Add to wish list" button in the results. You have to click on a title first.

* Customers aren't notified when something is purchased from their lists.