Getting to Neutral: How to Conquer Negativity and Thrive in a Chaotic World (Paperback)

Getting to Neutral: How to Conquer Negativity and Thrive in a Chaotic World By Trevor Moawad, Andy Staples, Ciara (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Trevor Moawad, Andy Staples, Ciara (Foreword by)
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Foreword by Ciara

In this breakthrough book, the author of Wall Street Journal bestseller It Takes What It Takes provides life-changing, step-by-step guidance on how to successfully navigate adversity and defeat negativity by downshifting to neutral thinking. 

It’s easy to be positive when everything is coming up roses. But what happens when life goes sideways? Many of us lapse into a self-defeating negative spiral that makes it hard to accomplish anything. Getting to Neutral is a step-by-step guide that shows readers how to use mental conditioning coach Trevor Moawad’s innovative motivational system to defeat negativity and thrive.

Neutral thinking is a judgment-free, process-oriented approach that helps us coolly assess situations in high-pressure moments. Moawad walks readers through how to downshift to neutral no matter how dire the situation. He shows us how to behave our way to success, how to determine and practice our values in a neutral framework, and how to surround ourselves with a team that helps us to stay neutral. 

Filled with raw, inspiring stories of how Trevor navigated health challenges with neutral thinking as well as insights drawn from some of the world’s best athletes, coaches, and leaders, Getting to Neutral will help readers learn to handle even the most complex and turbulent situations with calm, clarity, and resolve.

About the Author

Trevor Moawad (1973–2021), former President of Moawad Consulting Group and the CEO and cofounder of Limitless Minds, was a mental conditioning coach to elite performers. He is well known for being the mental coach to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and worked closely with prestigious NCAA football programs and coaches, the US Special Operations community, Major League Baseball, and the NBA.

Praise For…

"Trevor has been incredibly valuable in helping me and so many players and teams understand the value of neutral thinking. To not dwell on what is behind you or what is out in front of you, but to focus on the present moment. To look at the moment and be neutral about the situation and focus on what you have to do and what you can control. You will find this book very impactful in helping you understand the right mental approach for any situation in your life." — Billy Donovan, head coach, Chicago Bulls, 2-time NCAA champion, University of Florida

“Now more than ever, every competitive organization wants the ability to recover quickly from setbacks or adversity. In enterprise selling, the ability for individuals and leaders do so is core to their success. The principle of 'Neutral Thinking', not being defined by a single circumstance, event, or attaching our worth to a single outcome but living in the moment, is the foundation that allows us to recover fast. Our resilience as a sales organization has improved because of our work with Trevor because we now live in the truth; what has happened, what is happening, and what can I do now to change the outcome. We are better sellers for it, and our customers more grateful for it.” — John Dougan Senior Director, Global Sales, Delivery and Coaching, Workday

"Every single day, professional and collegiate athletes are under tremendous pressure to perform at their best on a public stage . Trevor’s understanding and empathy for the visibility, scrutiny and accountability they face is unmatched. His strategies to help the world’s best get to a “neutral” mindset are applicable to athletes of any age. While wins, losses and statistical accomplishments are volatile, those who can stay neutral and in the present have the best opportunity to sustain success. For over 20 years, I’ve witnessed first-hand the impact Trevor’s work has had on individuals and organizations. This book will absolutely make a positive impact on every reader." — Brodie VanWagenenen, Former GM, NY Mets, Ceo, Roc Nation

"Trevor has been a great asset to me and our program as we look to take the Maryland Football program to a consistent level of success each and every year. GET TO NEUTRAL provides important insights that can be applied both on and off the field." — Mike Locksley, Head Football Coach, The University of Maryland

"Since meeting Trevor in 1999, his work with athletes, coaches, military, and the corporate world has centered on effective strategies to develop mental toughness. Educating others on the concept of NEUTRAL has been impactful to so many individuals and teams, but maybe none more important than himself after reading this book and knowing all he has endured!" — Chad Bohling, New York Yankees director of mental conditioning and consultant to the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars, and Wheels Up.

"Trevor Moawad is a beast helping elite athletes, leaders and warriors optimize their performance. I hired Trevor 12 years ago to come to Coronado, CA and help the SEAL community take our game to the next level. The results were outstanding and his strategies and approaches helped many warriors perform more effectively on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Whether you are a leader, an athlete or simply someone interested in becoming more effective when it matters most, Trevor Moawad’s neutral thinking strategies will be a game-changer for you." — Tom Chaby Captain (retired)   USN Former Commanding Officer - SEAL

"For the daily storms that knock us down and off course in life or business or sports, Trevor Moawad offers a powerful and practical path to bouncing back and achieving sustainable success. Forward and reverse are the two gears we may use most, but Moawad skillfully shows how a neutral mindset may be our best friend and most helpful ally in any crisis." — Ben Sherwood, former president of the Disney ABC Television Group and CEO of MOJO Sports.  

“Life is such a mental game, and every one of us could use Trevor’s coaching. Whether we are parenting, leading, or caregiving, understanding how to harness the power of our minds is such an asset.  If you want to play the long game of life, Trev is your guy.” — Maria Shriver

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