The Descendant: The Descendant Vampire Series Book 1 (Paperback)

The Descendant: The Descendant Vampire Series Book 1 Cover Image
By Kelley Grealis, A. Bcd Creative (Illustrator), Jenny Bengen-Albert (Editor)
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Mortal death or eternal damnation? If those were your choices, which would you choose? Allison Carmichael is frustrated with the doctors who can't diagnose her seemingly common ailments. Her frustrations are further compounded by her inability to discover her life's calling, a purpose she desperately desires yet which has eluded her for thirty years. A car wreck throws Allison into a life she doesn't recognize filled with vampires, centuries-old secrets, betrayal, and vengeful enemies she never knew existed. When Allison discovers the source of her ailments and the truth about her biblical lineage, she wishes she hadn't searched so hard for the answers she thought she wanted. Faced with an impossible decision - sacrifice her mortal life or damn her soul for eternity - which will Allison choose? And can she decide before the choice is made for her? THE DESCENDANT - A Vampire Tale of Biblical Proportions.

About the Author

What do most people do when they go through a midlife crisis - buy a sports car or get a makeover? Not Kelley Grealis. Her career midlife crisis reignited her passion for creative writing. A worker-bee by day, writer by night, Kelley is the author of The Descendant Vampire Series. When she's not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their two cats, riding her Harley, enjoying what few days of sunshine there are in Cleveland, and dreaming up the next story she wants to tell. Kelley is a graduate of both Baldwin Wallace College and Cleveland State University. Connect with her at http: //
Product Details
ISBN: 9780615612362
ISBN-10: 0615612369
Publisher: Kg Publishing
Publication Date: May 24th, 2012
Pages: 292
Language: English

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