Golf Practice: How to Practice Golf and Take Your Range Game to the Course (Paperback)

Golf Practice: How to Practice Golf and Take Your Range Game to the Course By Iain Highfield Cover Image
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Do you want to make golf swing changes stick?

Do you want to take your range game to the golf course?

Are you ready to enjoy the process of improving your golf game and have fun shooting lower scores?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need to know this: Simply beating golf balls on the range is like learning to swim in the bathtub-ineffective

A golf best-seller in the USA and UK, this book is the most comprehensive guide to improving your Golf EVER With golfers around the World hitting the driving ranges and not improving, it is time to do something different-it's time to do something better.

That's why the golf performance coaches at Game Like Training have written this book. We want to share everything we know about learning complex movements (like swinging a golf club) while making it simple, digestible, and practical for every-level golfer.

If you want to use your golf practice time effectively, take your range game to the course, shoot better scores, and simply get more joy out of your golf game, this is the book to get you there.

If you are a keen golfer who likes to practice, or if you are an aspiring Tiger Woods like Tour Pro or Matthew Wolf type College player, this book is a necessity. For Golf Coaches around the World, this book will transform the way you teach golf forever.

If you are getting ready for the 2021 Masters, if you want to reduce your handicap or if you want to break 90, break 80 or break 70 for the first time, the education and golf practice tasks will help you.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780999266731
ISBN-10: 099926673X
Publisher: Iain Highfield
Publication Date: June 14th, 2019
Pages: 104
Language: English

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