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For many days we had been tempest-tossed. Six times had the darkness closed over a wild and terrific scene, and returning light as often brought but renewed distress, for the raging storm increased in fury until on the seventh day all hope was lost. We were driven completely out of our course; no conjecture could be formed as to our whereabouts. (...) Dreadful sounds betokened the breaking up of the ship, and the roaring waters poured in on all sides: Then the voice of the captain was heard above the tumult shouting, "Lower away the boats We are lost " "Lost " I exclaimed, and the word went like a dagger to my heart; but seeing my children's terror renewed, I composed myself, calling out cheerfully, "Take courage, my boys we are all above water yet. There is the land not far off; let us do our best to reach it. You know God helps those that help themselves " With that, I left them and went on deck. What was my horror when through the foam and spray I beheld the only remaining boat leave the ship, the last of the seamen spring into her and push off, regardless of my cries and entreaties that we might be allowed to share their slender chance of preserving their lives. My voice was drowned in the howling of the blast; and even had the crew wished it, the return of the boat was impossible. - Taken from "The Swiss Family Robinson" written by Johann David Wyss.
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ISBN: 9781079383645
ISBN-10: 1079383646
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 9th, 2019
Pages: 284
Language: English

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