I Am Her: Messy, Flawed, and Loved by God (Paperback)

I Am Her: Messy, Flawed, and Loved by God Cover Image
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You should probably read this book if you

  • Are a rock star at being imperfect
  • Are wondering why the girls on your Instagram feed are slaying and you're just getting by
  • Want to take the mask off and finally be proud of the woman you are
  • Aren't afraid to laugh at yourself
  • Are ready to turn your flaws into the fuel that becomes your identity

If you have ever spent just one moment questioning the impact of your life based on your own imperfections, this book is for you. Every single one of us is flawed and messy, though we've allowed human fragility to stunt our realization of how awesome we really are. Through a journey of years wasted disliking many of the unfavorable parts that make us who we are, it is time that we ignite those very facets as power for our purpose. This book is for the unkept, for the mom whose children do not always look polished, for the wife who is serving her family one microwavable dinner at a time, for the gals who have no idea how to apply lipliner properly, and for the ones who have a following list of less than a thousand on social media. This one is for you, woman who has yet to discover all of the immeasurable worth under that fine dusting of self-disapproval.

I Am Her: Messy, Flawed, and Loved by God is a journey to be taken together; and all messy, insecure, and flawed girls are warmly welcomed to come along for the ride. There's just one catch: No perfect girls allowed.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781098056988
ISBN-10: 1098056981
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: November 9th, 2020
Pages: 158
Language: English