The British Sniper: A Century of Evolution (Paperback)

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The British Sniper, A Century of Evolution is a detailed reference to the British Army's involvement in the role of sniping from the earliest days of 1915 to the present.

This title provides the history and explains why in the beginning the British Army reluctantly engaged itself in the deadly black art, and how it fielded what it then considered to be concealed assassins, and subsequently the love-hate relationship of the role that has existed ever since.

Every British service issued sniper rifle from the very first of 1915 to the current rifle of today is featured chronologically, a detailed explanation of what was used in conjunction with each is provided, such as telescopes, transit cases, tools, training literature, spotting scopes and camouflage clothing. The evolution of all these things and how they were used over a 100 year period is illustrated.

The British Sniper, A Century of Evolution is the most up to date historical reference and with the help of 780 photographs, mostly colour, the weapons and equipment are brought to life. This title now proudly sits in some very exclusive libraries such as Sniper Wing, Warminster, U.S. Sniper School of Fort Benning, British Army Historical Archive, Whitehall, and Shrivenham Small Arms Defence Academy to name a few.

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ISBN: 9781399937832
ISBN-10: 1399937839
Publisher: Swift and Bold Publishing Ltd
Publication Date: December 8th, 2022
Pages: 322
Language: English

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