Harding, His Presidency and Love Life Reappraised (Paperback)

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The general opinion of Warren Harding is that he has been justly ranked as the "Worst" of our Presidents, based largely on the corruption that was brought to light after his death. The truth is, however, that he had no personal involvement in any of the scandals perpetrated by members of his Administration, some of whom, like Jess Smith, an unofficial aid to the Attorney General, engaged in notorious grafting that often netted six figure rewards. Harding, by contrast, died a debtor. Neither a lawyer or general, Harding, head of a rural Ohio newspaper, was not considered an appropriate candidate for high office, no less the Presidency. But an awareness of shortcomings, lead to his making a studious effort to overcome them-- successfully, as recorded by leading reporters like William Allen White. As spelled out in this book, there is much to be said on the positive side of Harding's Presidency. Due recognition is given to his accomplishments. In his first year in office, for example he convened a Disarmament Conference and got Congress to ratify the Four Nation Treaty to reduce naval armament. He also created the Bureau of the Budget. Early on, a New York Times story was headlined "Harding Assumes Real Leadership as Congress lags." In contrast to his performance as President, handsome Warren was beset by a sex addiction that lead to numerous infidelities, the principal ones being with Carrie Phillips, wife of a friend, and Nan Britton, a hometown admiring young lady, 31 years his junior. Nan's memoir of an affair which blossomed into love covered the last six years of Harding's life. Though generally mentioned, and equally suppressed, its intimate content, is, herewith for the first time set forth in detail that reveals a crucial aspect of Harding's oft mentioned love life.
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ISBN: 9781491819067
ISBN-10: 1491819065
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: December 10th, 2013
Pages: 420
Language: English

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