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Political intrigue and fear of a nuclear threat merge in Chain of Deception, a political mystery thriller by author Christopher Kinsella.

Edward Kirstein didn't mean to kill Linh Phan when he struck the Vietnamese intern. But kill her he did-and he got away with it too, thanks to a loyal and quick-thinking chief of staff. Or so he thought.

Triumphant in his bid for president, Kirstein now figures his biggest threat is facing a legislature completely controlled by Republicans. That changes when a stranger possessing proof of his crime blackmails him to not oppose Vietnam obtaining nuclear weapons. The situation soon turns deadly when an American-made nuke shows up on the lawn of the White House...and the stranger warns the president that another one will obliterate Washington, DC, if he doesn't agree to meet.

Now it's up to private investigator John Carrington to find the terrorist in time. He has served sitting presidents before, but the price of failing to solve the mystery has never been this steep.

Will the capitol pay for the sins of the president? Find out in this fast-paced novel that will keep you guessing where, or if, the chain of deception ends.

About the Author

Chicago native Christopher Kinsella teaches history as an assistant professor at the Eastern Campus of Cuyahoga Community College. Along with teaching, he gives lectures to the public on the American presidency and has served as a guest and panelist on local news networks. Christopher and his wife live with their three children in Stow, Ohio.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781505670523
ISBN-10: 1505670527
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 23rd, 2015
Pages: 268
Language: English

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