Darla Decker Takes the Cake (Darla Decker Diaries #2) (Paperback)

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"Every now and then you get the chance to connect with a book, to find a story and a group of characters that tickle all the happy, nostalgic parts of your brain and takes you back to places you thought were gone forever." C. Clark

Young Adult (13 and Up), Coming of Age, Teenage Girls]

A week at Camp Wakonda is exactly what Darla Decker needs. Having said goodbye to sixth grade and her best childhood friend, she's ready to create new memories and meet new people. Unfortunately, entering summer camp on a whopper of a lie and a fight with a fellow camper isn't the best way to begin.

Aided by her schoolmate Nate, Darla navigates the twists and turns of life at summer camp while pretending to be Wakonda's only "undercover counselor." Despite the lies, older guys, bullies, and breakdowns, Darla discovers the truth about friendship through the mayhem and magic of camp.

A frank and funny look at the path to adulthood, Darla Decker Takes the Cake continues the journey of love, loss, and the nitty-gritty of growing up through Darla Decker's eyes.

Darla Decker Takes the Cake by Jessica McHugh

Evolved Publishing presents the second book in the Darla Decker Diaries series by Jessica McHugh. This edgy young adult novel follows a girl's tentative journey toward adulthood.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781622532537
ISBN-10: 1622532538
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Date: January 30th, 2015
Pages: 220
Language: English
Series: Darla Decker Diaries