Tales From the Greenwood District: A Peek Into Black Wall Street ... Before the Tulsa Massacre (Hardcover)

Tales From the Greenwood District: A Peek Into Black Wall Street ... Before the Tulsa Massacre By Julian B. Waddell Cover Image
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Tales from the Greenwood District is a series of short fictional stories that adds color and dimension to Black Wall Street before the Tulsa Massacre. Each tale takes place right after World War I, when blacks were called to war only to return to a society where racism ruled. The racist former President Woodrow Wilson, who empowered white supremacists, just ended his term. At the same time, waves of the devastating Spanish Flu pandemic killed millions of people around the world. With death, danger and devastation around every turn, this society still thrived. Each tale shows depth to who we are as a people, our culture and our shared happiness and pain.

You'll read the tales of:

  • A nurse who avoids grieving a sudden loss in the midst of battling the deadly Spanish Flu...

  • A returning Army veteran who battles his inner demons while looking for purpose... yet his journey takes an unexpected turn...

  • A grandmother who takes her grandson on a walking tour of the Greenwood District, which reveals the founders' stories and also a secret about himself...

  • A white Tulsa resident wrestling with the mounting tensions of the angry mobs just one day before they embark on their historic killing spree...

Author Bio

Julian B. Waddell is a Thought Leader in Cyber Security and a Seasoned Start-Up Strategist with a vast array of experience in both fields. He also is a gifted storyteller with a passion for learning little known history facts. What you may not know is he is a terrible singer and dancer but that doesn't stop him from singing embarrassingly loud and at random, while performing dance moves that look differently in his head than they do in real life.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781737131915
ISBN-10: 1737131919
Publisher: Doomsday Banana LLC
Publication Date: June 13th, 2021
Pages: 180
Language: English

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