Pointless Conversations: The Collection Collection: 12 Comics - 310 Pages - 2 Idiots (Hardcover)

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When the conversation begins with the ridicule of Superman's so-called heroism, and ends with innocent toys being thrown into a blender, you know you're in for a riotous good read

For the first time, all twelve Pointless Conversations are brought together in one shiny package, along with some of the best 'Quickie' conversations the series has produced. Where does Spiderman keep all that web? What would happen if you swallowed the red and blue pills at once? And what actually occurs when you defecate in a holodeck? All these questions and countless more are answered...or at least rambled about...in Pointless Conversations: The Collection Collection

Pointless Conversations: Superheroes

- Is Superman a coward, a liar, or a terrorist? Is there also a case for him being a bit... thick?

- When Spiderman fires his vast streams of webbing, where does he keep it all?

Pointless Conversations: Doctor Emmett Brown

- What if the terrorists had shot Doc in the face?

- How did Doc and Marty McFly meet? And is their relationship a wee bit... iffy?

Pointless Conversations: Lightbulbs & Civilisation

- Ionising light bulbs... can they really clean a room with 'awesomeness'?

- Cornflakes: more influential than the wheel, more destructive than AIDS?

Pointless Conversations: The Expendables

- Was the King of England a lion?

- What would an Orlando Bloom cake taste like?

Pointless Conversations: The Fifth Element

- Captain Planet gets taken down a peg

- Would Bruce Willis spit in Leeloo's face?

Pointless Conversations: The Big One

- Why is there a 'P' in pterodactyl?

- Would you drink Odo?

Pointless Conversations: Are you Going to Heaven?

- Would you chop-off your willy if it was a drugged-up killer?

- Pedognomes...that's right, PEDOGNOMES

Pointless Conversations: The Red Morph or the Blue Morph?

- Impromptu impressions of Indiana Jones 4 characters

- What happens when you take a poo... IN THE MATRIX?

Pointless Conversations: What IS Mr. Bean?

- Why do we laugh at a handicapped man pouring boiling water into his mouth? Are we a sick and twisted people?

- Alternate opening titles...(for mature/unbalanced readers only)

Pointless Conversations: Riker vs Gaston

- David and the Goliath...the truth is told

- How does a genie have sex?

Pointless Conversations: Armageddon

- Why a dirty bum is a small price to pay for financial security.

- If the Flake is a chocolate bar for women, what's the male equivalent?

Pointless Conversations: Killing Buzz and Woody

- If you chopped off his head and then threw him is a blender, would Toy Story's Woody, die?

- Who wins: Jesus or Chuck Norris?

This book contains highly offensive content and is therefore suitable only for a mature audience...

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ISBN: 9781789822076
ISBN-10: 1789822076
Publisher: Acorn Books
Publication Date: January 10th, 2020
Pages: 312
Language: English