Gently AGING: Going Through the Inevitable Process With Health, Fun and Frolic! (Paperback)

Gently AGING: Going Through the Inevitable Process With Health, Fun and Frolic! By D. R. Martin Cover Image
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It happens to all of us eventually - the thief of time steals away our looks, our flexibility, the spring in our step. But much good remains - our smile, our cheery outlook, our wisdom. Aging with health, fun and frolic is possible, if you take proper steps to support that desirable future. Learn how, plus the SmartyPants Secret on aging. A SmartyPants Secret is that one piece of information that you need to know to make every job a little bit, or maybe a lot, easier. Almost everything we do in life has a SmartyPants secret that to it, that knowing the "secret" would help tremendously in shortening the learning curve. Experts, who have hours of experience doing what the novice is attempting to do, have intimate knowledge, which may not be so secret, but it is key information that the novice greatly needs. If you've ever struggled with something then learned the 'something' afterwards that caused you to say to yourself or say aloud, "Well, if I only known THAT before I did this, it would've made a world of difference " then you just learned a SmartyPants secret - the hard way. The short SmartyPants Secrets books give you the secret that you need on a given topic, the most important piece of information that makes the greatest difference between easier success and hard-fought failure. Solving problems is not the SmartyPants concept; rather it is having that key knowledge piece that makes efforts easier and perhaps successful faster. Plus hopefully avoiding having the problem in the first place. We do anything in life because we have a goal to achieve. Reaching that goal successfully, quickly, and easier knowing the SmartPants secret is the SmartyPants concept in action. All SmartyPants secrets have a physiological root, grounded in shared human biology - making every SmartyPants secret valid for everyone. While we are all uniquely different, our common biology consists of inherited traits, stretching back to the Neanderthal era. Applying a SmartyPants secret will work for you no matter who you are.

About the Author

I have studied every communication subject for more than a decade, acquiring a large body of knowledge. I, perhaps like you, am a voracious reader and learner. My other strength is that I retain much of what I learn, so I can then compile the knowledge on a variety of subjects into a concise format, making the books that I author a shortcut on the best knowledge available. This saves you from going through all the data looking for the kernel that makes the greatest difference in success, the SmartyPants Secret on a given topic. I also have a mind that is ever curious about so many topics. I have earned multiple expert designations (education certified English teacher, Real Estate Broker, Stock Broker series 7, Certified Financial Manager, Insurance producer certified) and held high level positions in business - large corporate entities, privately held companies, non-profit organizations, and startups - plus have volunteered extensively, holding executive positions at the local, district and national levels. So I've been around the block more than once, on more than one topic. Due to my research and experience, I have logged the perquisite time to carry the title of expert, giving myself an honorary PhD in the expertise area of communication, Personal human Development. I am passionate about sharing the knowledge that I have gained with you, in bite-size pieces. And when a certain topic is not in my field of expertise, I find an expert with deep expertise in the field who has the knowledge that I seek. I then ask numerous in-depth questions of the expert to get to the gist, to learn the SmartyPants Secret, and then pass the secret on, in a book on the subject. - DR Martin

Product Details
ISBN: 9781943971169
ISBN-10: 1943971161
Publisher: Smartypants Press
Publication Date: September 20th, 2016
Pages: 46
Language: English

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