Coloring Book For Seniors: Anti-Stress Designs Vol 1 (Paperback)

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Coloring Book For Seniors: Anti-Stress Designs Vol 1

Our Coloring Book For Seniors: Anti-Stress Designs Vol 1 by Art Therapy Coloring has been created to enable senior citizens to experience the joy of coloring This anti-stress coloring book has the same quality of artwork that you find in our other anti-stress coloring books with an essential adjustment; the designs are zoomed in so that they are easier to see and color.

Coloring Book For Seniors: Anti-Stress Designs Vol 1 is full of adult coloring pages that are customized for senior citizens Filled with 35 stress relieving adult coloring pages that feature a variety of designs, such as zendoodle, geometric patterns, and mandalas, this adult coloring book will be sure to please any senior who loves to color.

As we age, our bodies may fail to keep up with our aspirations. Our hands get arthritis and our eyesight worsens. Simple tasks become more difficult, but that is no reason to stop doing the things you love The golden years could be the best years of your life Aging shouldn't be about the years, they should be about how young at heart you are. Art Therapy Coloring is here to help you feel like a kid again You can delight in coloring floral patterns, animal illustrations, mandalas, and geometric patterns. With a huge assortment of charming and delightful adult coloring pages, you can be certain that you won't get tired of coloring the same kind of coloring pages again and again

Art Therapy Anti-Stress Coloring Books

  • A great way to increase focus and reduce stress
  • 35 anti-stress adult coloring pages
  • Perfect for adults relaxation
  • Designs are on one side of the paper with no design on the back
  • 10% of proceeds support pancreatic cancer charities

Anti-Stress Coloring Books

Art Therapy Coloring has created this anti-stress coloring book for seniors with a medley of adult coloring pages. With a variety of designs from several talented artists, you are sure to find coloring pages that will suit your mood with our Coloring Book For Seniors: Anti-Stress Designs Vol 1. Our designs are geared specifically for seniors.

Coloring imparts many of the same benefits as a mindfulness practice. Studies have shown that a mindfulness practice has many benefits for brain health. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to increase the amount of gray matter and neural connections in the brain. Coloring has many of the same effects on the brain as meditation. Coloring may help your brain to be healthy and young

Coloring is great for socializing with friends. When the attention is focused on coloring, the conversation flows freely. If you want to encourage new friendships, take your adult coloring books and a box of colored pencils to a table and you'll be sure to draw a crowd When everyone is having fun in a relaxed environment, they are undoubtedly having a great time

Our anti-stress coloring books have designs on one side of each adult coloring page so the ink doesn't bleed through and spoil the design on the back. If you are using gel pens or fine-tip markers, you may want to put an extra sheet of paper under the coloring page you are working on so that the ink does not bleed through onto the next page.

Art Therapy Coloring has published several anti-stress coloring books that are relaxing and fun to color. Now you can revel in the benefits that anti-stress coloring books have on your health and well-being with our coloring books for seniors. Feel like a kid again and order your copy of Coloring Book For Seniors: Anti-Stress Designs Vol 1 today It makes a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, or any time of the year for that special senior citizen

Product Details
ISBN: 9781944427252
ISBN-10: 1944427252
Publisher: Art Therapy Coloring
Publication Date: January 12th, 2016
Pages: 92
Language: English

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