Stress-Buster Workbook for Kids (Paperback)

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The Stress-Buster Work Book for Kids was created by certified child psychologist D. Erickson. That helps children ages 5+ learn how to tame their stress by teaching them mindfulness and relaxation techniques

Erase your kids' anxiety; just breathe and bring excitement and fun into his life.

Children today face a lot of intense stress from peers, school, and daily life. They need social emotional learning workbooks.

One of the most prevalent causes of stress in children is the fear of the unknown. Many kids find it challenging to move from "If?" to "What's next?" and try new activities, whether starting a new school, engaging in a new pastime, or taking a trip. DOES THIS RELATE TO YOUR CHILD?

Constant stress can have a severe negative emotional and physical impact during a beautiful childhood. Early stress management and regulation will help kids for a lifetime of achievement and enjoyment. This workbook can help kids with emotions, stress management, and kids get life.

The STRESS-BUSTER WORKBOOK FOR KIDS aims to help kids develop and practice coping mechanisms for stress, worry, anxiety, and temper flares. This workbook has impulse control activities worksheets and more than 40 activities to help kids coping stress.

This coping skills kids workbook provides evidence-based therapy techniques to assist impulsive kids in embracing uncertainty and changing attitudes and behaviors by acting and assisting in reclaiming lives of adventure, joy, and freedom

It is helping kids anxiety wherever and whenever it becomes unmanageable. Children can read this executive functioning workbook INDEPENDENTLY or with the help of a family member or other responsible adult.

Kids will learn mindfulness and learn how to impulse control and boost their self-esteem. It will emphasize the need to develop a growth mindset. This anxiety activity book helps in building executive function.

Get this paperback now & this STRESS-BUSTER WORKBOOK FOR KIDS will develop positive thinking and help your child live a happy, stress-free life.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781956223422
ISBN-10: 1956223428
Publisher: Climax Publishers
Publication Date: December 3rd, 2022
Pages: 106
Language: English

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