Big Five Personalities Reflect Self-Efficacy And Optimism As Predictors Of Career Choice Among College Students (Paperback)

Big Five Personalities Reflect Self-Efficacy And Optimism As Predictors Of Career Choice Among College Students By Sharma Swati Cover Image


INTRODUCTION Over more than a decade now, the Internet has virtually made our world smaller. The touch of a few keystrokes enables people to communicate, engage in commerce, and interact with others around the world. Put simply, technology has fundamentally changed the way the businesses were handled by society including consumers. This global presence of internet has enabled businesses to reach new markets and millions of new potential customers. With the result, during this period of time, online commerce or electronic commerce commonly known as e-commerce has emerged as the fastest growing sector across the globe. ―While being able to access to global markets, online commerce or e-commerce has enabled businesses to bypass the traditional intermediaries in domestic jurisdictions. Besides, owing to its lower transaction costs, online commerce has caused a steady increase in the number of sellers and suppliers in the market, thus increasing diversity and competition in the market. Therefore, online commerce has been rightly categorized as the new face of entrepreneurship which encompasses existing companies, organizations, small businesses and individual online traders.‖ 1 The term online commerce or e-commerce, which is short for electronic commerce, is the act of buying or selling goods, services, or information over an electronic network to consumers. 1n 1960's first time electronic commerce was presented through an Electronic Data Interchange (commonly known as EDI) on Value Added Networks . Today it acts as guiding the business with the assistance of electronic mass media, creating the practice of Information Technology likewise Electronic Data Interchange. E-commerce is preferable rather useful because of numerous reasons, say for example, access to products, which may not be accessible otherwise, becomes quite 1 Ivonnely Colon Figg, ―Protecting the new face of entrepreneurship: Online Appropriate Dispute resolution and International Consumer to Consumer transaction‖ 12 FJOCAFL 238 (2007),

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