Wordpress SEO 2020: Optimize Your WordPress Site for Better Rankings! (Webmaster #4) (Paperback)

Wordpress SEO 2020: Optimize Your WordPress Site for Better Rankings! (Webmaster #4) By Andy Williams Cover Image
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Wordpress SEO 2020 is an up-to-date book that will teach you how to optimize your Wordpress website for Google and other search engines. Wordpress is a fantastic platform for building websites, but can produce a lot of SEO challenges. Most notable is the duplicate content issues that can get your site penalized by the search engines. Create one post, add a few tags, and post it into a couple of relevant categories. All of a sudden you may have over a dozen pages on your site with the exact same article But there is an easy solution to the duplicate content issues.Wordpress SEO 2020 will teach you how to set up your Wordpress website in an efficient and search engine friendly manner, to minimize duplicate content and to maximize your exposure in the search engines.In the book you will learn: - Why a good web host is a must and how to test a host for reliability and page load times. - What is a CDN and why should you use one. Some web hosts provide this for free - What to look for in a Wordpress theme, and how to set it up for minimal content duplication. - The importance of using Google's Search Console, Analytics and Webmaster Guidelines. - The Wordpress settings that affect your SEO efforts, and how to set these up properly. - How to use some essential plugins to help you with your Wordpress SEO as well as several non-essential, though highly recommended Wordpress plugins. - How to use of category and tag pages as powerful ranking pages without the duplication problems that force most webmasters to noindex these power pages. - How to create a navigation system on your site that will keep visitors and Google happy, including the importance of dynamic navigation system (and how to implement them). - Whether you actually need a robots.txt file. - The difference between posts and pages, and how to use each to their strengths. - Whether you need www. at the start of your domain name. - How to set up the homepage, as you want it. - About site-wide considerations, and how to use the nofollow tag on certain pages. - The importance of good post excerpts. - How to schedule posts. - My checklist for creating high quality, SEO content for my own sites. - How to install, setup and use the best SEO plugin out there. - How to install and configure a plugin that will speed up page load times. - And much, much more...This book will teach you up-to-date, Wordpress SEO that will give your site a competitive advantage.About the AuthorAndy Williams has been teaching search engine optimization and Wordpress for over a decade. As an ex-Science teacher, Andy has the knack of simplifying complex topics to make them more easily accessible to everyone.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798628678862
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 20th, 2020
Pages: 140
Language: English
Series: Webmaster

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