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Nancy Christie with Rut-Busting Book for Writers (Jan 20)

Ohio author Nancy Christie will be at The Learned Owl Book Shop on Saturday, January 20th, from 1 to 3 p.m.  She will be signing her new book, "Rut-Busting Book for Writers".  The book has strategies to get you unstuck along with proactive suggestions from other writers who have "been there and done that" and are now willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Rut-Busting Book for Writers Cover Image
ISBN: 9781545611005
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Mill City Press, Inc. - September 26th, 2017

Laura Critchfield with Shadow of Ghosts (Jan 27)

Kent State University graduate Laura Critchfield, writing as L. A. McGinnis, will be at The Learned Owl Book Shop on Saturday, January 27, from 1 to 3 p.m.  She will be signing her paranormal romance novel "Shadow of Ghosts".  "Logan grew up knowing life wasn't really a fairy tale. Her world was dark, unfair, even cruel. While other little girls dreamed of castles in the air, Logan wished for just one place to call home.

Sheilla Reydak with Helping Hands (Feb 10)

Sheilla Reydak will be at The Learned Owl Book Shop on Saturday, February 10th, from 1 to 3 p.m. to share the book she wrote after all of the kindness and help she received after a serious accident. The book is "Helping Hands: A Guide to Helping Others Through Trauma and Tragedy". During her long recuperation period, she learned that the care and support of others is what is truly energizing and encouraging. 

Irv Korman for the Hudson Holiday Walk (Dec 3)

Local author Irv Korman returns to The Learned Owl Book Shop to add to the Holiday Walk festivities on Sunday, December 3rd, from 12-5.  

He will be signing his Christmas book, "Citytown Christmas Conundrum", and his two memoirs, "I Was Jerry Lewis' Bodyguard for 10 Minutes" and "I Was Jackie Mason's Chauffeur for 10 Minutes".  Korman's most recent book is a collection of kids' quotes from his 30 years as a teacher in the Akron Public School System, entitled "Antuan Was Hear". 

Bill Rapp with The Hapsburg Variation (Dec 9)

Local author Bill Rapp will be at The Learned Owl Book Shop on Saturday, December 9th, from 1 to 3 p.m. He will be signing his new mystery "The Hapsburg Variation".  In 1955, as the Allies prepare to sign the State Treaty granting Vienna its independence, CIA Deputy Chief of Station Karl Baier becomes enmeshed in the case of a murdered Austrian aristocrat. Then his wife Sabine is kidnapped, and he suspects a connection. The stakes rise along with the danger as his investigation takes him from Vienna to Berlin, London, Scotland, and finally Budapest.

The Hapsburg Variation (Cold War Mystery #2) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781603816434
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Coffeetown Press - December 1st, 2017

Garrett M. Graff at the Hudson Library (Nov 27)

Garrett M. Graff will discuss his latest book, Raven Rock: The Story of the U.S. Government’s Secret Plan to Save Itself---While the Rest of Us Die, which focuses on the history of the U.S. government’s Doomsday plans spanning from the Cold War to today. Graff will shed light on the secret history of Raven Rock, a 650-acre compound, and the multibillion-dollar Continuity of Government (COG) program designed to protect top government officials in case of catastrophe.

Raven Rock: The Story of the U.S. Government's Secret Plan to Save Itself--While the Rest of Us Die Cover Image
ISBN: 9781476735405
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Simon & Schuster - May 2nd, 2017

Mark J. Price with Mafia Cop Killers in Akron (Dec 2)

From 1917 to 1919, terror struck the streets of Akron. As soldiers marched off to World War I and Spanish influenza ravaged the community, police officers faced a sinister threat. Murderous kingpin Rosario Borgia placed a bounty on officers’ heads for interfering with his criminal enterprises. Gangsters gunned down seven cops, killing five, in a series of brazen attacks over fifteen months. Author Mark J. Price chronicles the crimes, victims, gangsters and the relentless pursuit of justice in his new book, Mafia Cop Killers in Akron: The Gang War Before Prohibition.

Mafia Cop Killers in Akron: The Gang War Before Prohibition (True Crime) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781467137843
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: History Press - November 27th, 2017

Lost Akron Cover Image
ISBN: 9781626195769
Availability: Special Order
Published: History Press - July 20th, 2015


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