Consignment terms

Most of the books that we carry from local authors are sold in the shop on a consignment basis. By placing your book on consignment with The Learned Owl Book Shop, you agree to the following: 
1. Compensation
The Learned Owl Book Shop offers a 60/40 split of your book’s cover price. That is, for every copy of your book that you provide to us and we sell, you will get 60% of the cover price. 
If you participate in an author signing event with the book shop, you will get a 70/30 split on the day of the event. In other words, you will receive 70% of the cover price for each copy of your book that we sell on that day. 
While we try to be timely when it comes to writing checks for authors, you should know that it is the author’s responsibility to request payment at regular intervals. So, you may want to “settle up” with us after your signing if you are doing one, enquiring about the number of books sold that day, so that you know what sort of payment to expect. Similarly, every couple of months you may wish to call or email us at to find out if we have sold any of your books, and ask us to send you a check. This would also be a good time to ask if we need any more copies, should you wish to place them with us. 
2. Inventory
When you place your books on consignment at The Learned Owl, we will give you a receipt for however many books you are leaving with us. After a book signing event you should ask for a receipt, so that we both know what we have of yours and no one is confused later on. It can be immensely frustrating to think you have more copies of your book than you actually do and then wonder where they all went, or to discover a “mystery carton” filled with books you thought you had left on consignment. 
Because of space considerations, we can only accept a few copies of an author’s work at one time. Please do not feel that we do not value your book because we can only take one or two copies on consignment. It only means we will contact you much sooner when they sell! 
 3. Shelf Life
Because we want to accommodate as many local authors as possible, we can only display your books on our shelves for one year. If they do not sell during that time, we may contact you to ask that you pick them up. This doesn’t mean that they can never come back. A changing display of books does much better that one that is always the same. But in order to be fair to the local writing community, we can only keep one writer’s work for so long. If you do not hear from us in one year from the time you have placed your books with us, it is your responsibility to contact us, both to request payment for those that have sold, and to arrange a time to pick up those that have not. While special arrangements may be made for especially popular books, these are our basic guidelines. 
If you do not contact us about your books after one year, they become the property of The Learned Owl Book Shop and may be donated or discarded without compensation. 
Thank you for your interest in placing your books with The Learned Owl Book Shop. We wish you the very best in your writing career. 
For more information, please contact: 
Events Coordinator 
The Learned Owl Book Shop 

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