Roberts' Guide for Butlers and Other Household Staff (Kobo eBook)

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Originally published in 1827, Roberts’ Guide for Butlers and Other Household Staff was a handbook for servants to perform their duties more efficiently and thoughtfully. Roberts gives a plethora of information about household duties of a butler like:

How to dress suitably for work
Regulations for the dinner table
Directions for cleaning tea trays
Giving Britannia metal a brilliant polish
Preserving fruits for the year
Addressing and behaving properly around your employer
And many more insights

Roberts provides information on how to make the best-tasting lemonade; preserving good wine for years; not passing judgments on the other servants; never letting your master ring the bell for you twice; cleaning dirty tables with a mix of milk, turpentine, and sweet oil; rubbing off rust with salad oil and lime; and other useful tidbits for the curious butler. This is a fascinating look behind the scenes of household help and will delight any nineteenth century enthusiast.

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