Author Brooke Ignet Hocker with Do What I Say (March 11)

Brooke Ignet Hocker has two last names simply because her mother said all successful business women should have two last names. Born the daughter of teen parents, Brooke's childhood is rooted in seemingly questionable advice from her mother. In Do What I Say: Life As My Mother Predicted, she shares a collection of personal essays inspired by her mother's sketchy advice. "Someday they'll hire someone younger and prettier than you and you'll hate her just because" are the words her mother shared as motivation as she entered Corporate America. In the essay "The War on Cute Millennials" readers will find relatable and humorous antics on how this advice proved true. They'll hear tales in "Eighty-Eight Fortunes" of times her mother's love of gambling landed them in Las Vegas with stacks of cash, they'll learn about a secret she's been keeping since she was eighteen years old in "Politicks," and they'll be inspired to put pen to paper after reading "Thirty Love Letters in Thirty Days." Stories of PMS, diets, and psychics told in a stream of consciousness flow will keep readers entertained with many laugh out loud moments. Sparked by her TED Talk, "Raising Teen Parents," given at Columbus, Ohio's 2014 TEDx event, these essays are intended to deliver motivation, inspiration, and humor.

Brooke Ignet Hocker spends her days in uncomfortable shoes as a corporate gal, and her nights and weekends in sweatpants as a blogger and author. Brooke lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, Chris. She loves good conversation over coffee, setting big goals, and trying her luck in Las Vegas.

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Saturday, March 11, 2017 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm

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204 N. Main St.
Hudson, OH 44236

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