Louise Prochaska at the Learned Owl [10/17]

Join us as we host Louise Prochaska at the Learned Owl on October 17th from 1 to 3pm. Prochaska will be signing her book Ten Keys to a Happier Life.


The ten keys include mindfulness, self-care, generosity, gratitude, forgiveness, nurturing relationships, balancing social media with personal connections, living with purpose, positivity, and living with beauty and nature.  Each chapter has 3-6 pages of content on the newest scientific research, and space for reflecting on 6-10 prompts to practice the key.  Each chapter also includes some texts from religious and spiritual masters on the topic.

Event date: 

Saturday, October 17, 2020 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Event address: 

204 N. Main St.
Hudson, OH 44236

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