A letter to local authors

Dear Author,

Congratulations! We know how much effort writing a book can take. Whether your book winds up on our shelves or not, please know that we appreciate the effort, care, and creativity it takes to bring a book to print. We’re writing you this letter to let you know some of the things it takes to successfully market your book in a store, so that all your hard work is rewarding.

Things to consider about your book:

  1. Price: your book should cost about the same as other books of its size and sort. Check out your local bookshop to compare prices.
  2. Quality: is your book as perfect as it can be? Has it been checked for grammar and spelling? Is your book visually appealing? Do judge your book by its cover. Other people will.
  3. Promotion: Get the word out! We will send out a press release, but let your friends know, and tell them to tell their friends. Sometimes, contacting your old high school or college can be helpful too. There's nothing sadder than a long event on a rainy afternoon that hardly anyone comes to.

Be proud of your accomplishment- we are! As an independent book store, we believe that personal expression is important, and we try to nurture the new voices in our community. Good luck! We wish you the very best.


The Learned Owl Book Shop


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