Madeleine Henrys The Love Proof Signed

We are now accepting pre-orders for The Love Proof by Madeleine Henry. She will be giving out bookplates for a limited number of pre-orders. The Twinsburg Library will also be hosting a book club event with Henry on the 22nd of March. Would you like to pre-order this book? Feel free to stop by the store, give us a call, or place an online order.


"Sophie Jones is a physics prodigy on track to unlock the secrets of the universe. But when she meets Jake Kristopher during their first week at Yale they instantly feel a deep connection, as if they've known each other before. They quickly become a couple, and as college goes on, Sophie distances herself from academia as Jake intensely pursues a finance career. But when a shocking change forces Sophie into a new reality, she returns to physics and seeks to prove Block Theory, which considers space-time as an unchanging four-dimensional block in which past, present, and future occur simultaneously. Inspired by her connection with Jake, Sophie throws herself headfirst into her studies, determined to prove that those she loves belong together in all realities. Spanning decades, The Love Proof is an unusual and refreshing love story about connection, time, and intuition, urging us to listen to our hearts rather than our heads"

The Love Proof: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781982142964
Availability: Usually Arrives in 3-5 Days
Published: Atria Books - February 9th, 2021

In this “captivating, heartfelt, and utterly unique tale” (Emily Giffin, author of The Lies That Bind), a brilliant physicist studying the nature of time embarks on an unforgettable and life-changing journey to prove that those we love are always connected to us.

Sophie Jones is a physics prodigy on track to unlock the secrets of the universe.

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