Some tips for promoting your book

It’s very important to get the word out about your book. If you have a signing here at the book shop, we will send out a press release, letting the local papers know the time and date of the event. However, a successful signing takes so much more. 
There is nothing sadder than a wet evening (or afternoon) with an author seated behind a little table in a shop, waiting for someone to come in and notice the book they have written. Let people know you will be here. In the same way that a crowded restaurant draws prospective diners, an author surrounded by happy, interested people draws prospective readers. Some simple ways to generate interest are: Tell everyone you know, and ask them to tell others. Arrange for friends to be at your signing. Having a supportive group with you will make your signing much more fun. Main Street is packed with darling little restaurants and shops to explore, if your companions would like to make a day of it. Or you can all go for a meal or a drink afterwards.  
Consider branching out. Notify your high school &/or college alumni associations. They generally need a fair amount of advance notice (6 - 8 weeks at least), but they will often put alumni authors’ book signings in their newsletters. If you have a place of worship, they may agree to list your event in a weekly bulletin. Any sort of social organization is good to ask for help. Are you a member of the Lions or Rotary? Your local branch might want to know about your book signing. Think of any groups to which you belong - a writer’s group, a softball league, even...
Facebook! It’s easy to promote your signing with on-line social networks. If you’re already on facebook, it’s simple to let friends know about your event. You can also link to the book shop’s facebook page at and to our regular website,
No matter how your signing goes, keep a positive attitude. Sometimes there’ll be a huge crowd, sometimes not. Whatever happens, remember, undiscovered genius is still genius, so keep a smile on your face and enjoy the whole author experience.