Virtual Tour


Welcome to the Learned Owl! Here is our main room- consisting of fiction, politics, biography, science, and general nonfiction. Our register is also at the front! Our staff is always excited to help anyone who needs it! (Our workers were a little too shy to be in pictures for the tour)


Over here are our children and young adult sections! We also stock activity books, crafts, and cards in this section.


Head downstairs and you'll find our science fiction, fantasy, graphic novel, and mystery section! At the end of the year, down here is where our new calendars are stored.


What's upstairs? More books, of course!


Upstairs we have our business, sports, writing, fashion, arts, travel, and foreign language sections. We also have a room dedicated to upcoming holidays!


We hope you enjoyed this virtual tour! Feel free to stop by the Learned Owl to check our great selection of books.



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